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About Us

Hand Made in Clearwater, FL

Find Nauti Candles in stores!

Along with our online option to buy, Nauti Candles are also in select Pinellas County, FL based stores.

Our Goal

The goal here at Nauti Candles is to help make customers feel relaxed and help their homes smell amazing. We work to provide clean and healthy candles safe to burn in your home. Helping newcomers along the way is important to us as well.

Family Owned

Nauti Candles is a new, family owned business founded in 2020. What started out as something to do and kill time during quarantine, turned into a growing candle business. We believe scents can affect moods, so we created a line of relaxing candles that have a fun nautical theme. 

Nauti Candles was inspired from living on the water for most of our lives. Our family owned business consists of Cousins, Mother and Daughter. 

Terri takes care of all the behind the scenes book work. She is originally from the Chicago area but never liked the cold. When she graduated from High School, she immediately moved down south to the warmth and hasn’t left since. Terri has a long history in sales and has always loved burning candles at that fill up her home.

Sara is our creative mind, she helps out with anything that she can and is our go to lady! Being a cousin to both of us, she is a very special part to this business. Sara also loves soaking up the sun and has been in sales for most of her career. She has almost lived here her entire life and is the truest native out of the three of us.

Robyn is the daughter of Terri and has been around water all her life. She is the candle maker of the company and loves it. Not knowing what it would turn into, she is so thrilled to have her own Quarantine baby, Nauti Candles. Robyn is a licensed boat captain here in Florida and has always loved anything having to do with boating and the ocean.

Support Local

When you buy a Nauti Candle, online or at one of our booths, or even from one of the many locations Nauti Candle is sold, you’re helping to support a local owned business and we greatly appreciate it!